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33000 datapoints per second in a graph flowing from right to left

We have 10 million records of data  stored in a Comma Separated CSV file and files like these are generated every 5 minutes.If we divide 10 million/5 minutes(300 seconds),  its about 33000 records or data points for a  second.


1. Can we show these 33000 datapoints per second and the graph is flowing from  right  to left going on for 5 minutes and then it keeps on repeating for  next file that comes after 5 minutes  to show this data from another file( 10 million records generated every  5 minutes in each file) using ur tool? Or perhaps refresh each 5 minutes?


2. Also, what type of data input is required? Can ur tool  read from Comma Separated Value CSV files. We have data stored in CSV comma separated value files.

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