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Break the chart along the Y axis to remove space which doesn't have any values

If maximum number of values are in two groups and one group is at the bottom of the y axis while the other is at the top. If a break can be introduced in the Y axis and columns to remove the unnecessary area in between it would be better to visualize the groups.

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I have a related request: Add the ability to exclude outlier Y values by setting the minimum and maximum Y values to be displayed.  Currently, you cannot set the min Y values higher than the minimum value in the series, nor can you set the maximum Y value to less than the maximum value in the series.

Doing so would zoom the chart in on the normal values, enabling the user to view their differences, while excluding the outlier values from the viewable range.  Without this ability, the outlier values expand the range and make differences in the normal values difficult to see.

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