Technologies Used

  • JavaScript (SVG and VML)

Works on
  • Shared servers
  • Dedicated servers
  • Cloud
  • Personal machines
  • Mobile Devices

Client-side requirements
  • JavaScript enabled Web browser (including those on iPhone/iPad) with SVG or VML support.
  • Supported Browsers: 
    • Internet Explorer 6+
    • Firefox 2+
    • Safari 5.0 + (Safari for iOS devices as well)
    • Opera 10 & 11
    • Chrome

Server-side requirements
  • There are no specific requirements as FusionCharts Suite XT runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix or any other server.

Supported Devices

iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch (iOS 3.0+)


3.0+ (JavaScript charts)


BB OS v6+

Programming Interface
Server-side API's 

ASP.NET, PHP, Ruby on Rails

Scripting Languages

Server-side: C# (ASP.NET), VB (ASP.NET), Java(J2EE), PHP, Ruby on Rails, ColdFusion, Classic ASP, PERL, Python or anything else that you are using

Client-side: JavaScript, including frameworks like jQuery, AngularJS

Data Formats



Charts Export: JPG, PDF, SVG, PNG. Private export server setup supported in PHP, RoR, ASP.NET & Java.

Data Export: CSV, XML

Source Code

Available in Enterprise, Enterprise Plus, select SaaS & Redistributable licenses (RDL)


Tool-tips, Clickable legends, Editable charts, Selectable data range, Heat-map legend, Drag-node charts, Multi-axis charts


Default animation per chart


All supported browsers


Online versions

FusionCharts XT

42 charts

List of Charts
Column chart

2D & 3D, with 3D-lighting, gradient and glass effect.

Pie chart

2D & 3D, with 3D-lighting, gradients, interactive slicing and rotation.

Bar chart

2D & 3D, with 3D-lighting and gradients

Line chart

In 2D & 3D.

Doughnut chart

2D & 3D, with 3D-lighting, gradients, interactive slicing and rotation.

Area chart

In 2D & 3D.

Stacked charts

Stacked Column, Bar and Area charts in 2D & 3D with 3D lighting and gradients. Support for 100% Stacked charts.

Single Y Axis Combination charts

Column, Line and Area chart in 2D & 3D . Stacked 2D/3D Column and Line combination with 3D-lighting effect, gradient fills and scrolling.

Dual Y Axis Combination charts

Column, Line and Area chart 2D & 3D . Stacked 3D Column and Line with support for 3D lighting effect and gradient fills. Scrollable charts available

Scrollable charts

Column, line and area, combination

Pareto chart

In 2D & 3D.

Marimekko chart

Stacked column charts with columns of variable width for market analysis

XY Plot/Scatter chart

Support for linear regression line

Bubble chart

Support for linear regression line

Multi-series stacked column chart

2D Stacked columns with support for Dual Y Axis (secondary axis shows line charts)

FusionWidgets XT

 The suite offers7 gauges, 7 KPI charts, 6 real-time data streaming charts, Sparklines and 1 gantt chart 

List of Gauges and Charts
Interactive gauges

Dial chart, Linear Gauge, Bulb, LED, Cylinder, Thermometer gauge

Real-time/data streaming charts

Line, Column, Area, Stacked Column, Stacked Area, Combination Dual Y

Real-time/data streaming gauges

Dial chart, Linear Gauge, Bulb, LED, Cylinder, Thermometer gauge

Gantt chart

Interactive Gantt chart with support for grouping of tasks, milestone markers and task connectors

Funnel & Pyramid chart

Capability of 2D and 3D mode

Bullet graphs

Vertical and Horizontal bullets

Spark charts (small word sized charts)

Sparklines, spark columns, spark win/loss charts

PowerCharts XT

The suite offers 27 charts

List of Charts
Candlestick chart (Stock market chart with high, low, open, close and volume)

With support for Line, Bar and Volume chart.

Drag Node chart


Multi-axis Line chart


Select Scatter chart


Drag-able charts

Column, Line, Area

Waterfall chart


Multi-level Pie chart


Logarithmic charts

Column and Line

Spline charts

Spline and Spline Area

Inverse y-Axis charts

Area, Column and Line

Radar chart


Error Bar chart

Column, Line and XY Plot or Scatter

Kagi chart


FusionMaps XT

The suite offers 1000+ maps. Few of them are: