To export a chart using the FusionCharts Export server, you must

  • have an active internet connection
  • set the `exportEnabled` attribute to 1

An export icon appears on the top-right corner of the chart that lets you export your chart to an image, SVG or PDF format.

The conversion of the chart to the desired format is handled by the FusionCharts Suite XT Export Handler hosted on the server-side. When you click on the export icon, the visual data of the chart is sent to the export server and it returns an image or a PDF file. 

Refer to the article Exporting Charts, for a detailed description.

If you want to process the export data your private server, you can configure the export handlers available for any of the server-side languages below:

  1. ASP.Net
  2. PHP
  3. Java
  4. Ruby on Rails

You will find these export handlers within the "export-handlers" folder in the Download package.