FusionCharts XT accepts XML or JSON data to plot the charts. You can either provide static XML or JSON data files or dynamically relay the data using server-side scripts to FusionCharts XT.

There are two ways using which you can provide data to FusionCharts XT:


1. Data URL method - In this method, a URL is provided to the chart as data-source.  The chart, when it loads or updates, invokes this URL and reads the XML or JSON data written by that URL.The URL can be a physical file containing the XML or JSON or a script file dynamically generating XML or JSON from dynamic data sources like database, feeds etc.


2. Data String method - In this method, the entire chart data (XML or JSON) is provided as a string and embedded into the same page as the chart. When the chart loads or updates, it just reads the Data String and renders the chart.