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Not able to load the background Image using bgImage or bgSWF

 Hello, Team.

I am trying to set the background image of my chart but image is not showing up at all... I am having XML code:

<chart caption='BGCHART' xAxisName='test' yAxisName='PD' showValues='0'  bgImage='test.jpg' bgImageAlpha='0' bgImageHALign='left' bgImageVAlign='top' canvasBorderAlpha='0'  canvasbgAlpha='0' numDivlines='0' showYAxisValues='0' numberPrefix='' paletteColors='880000' plotgradientcolor='fba71a' showLabels='0'  placevaluesinside='1' showplotBorder='0' plotfillalpha='90,90' >

The image test.jpg is placed at the location where my graphs are placed. I tried both bgImage and bgSWF but none of them seem working.

Please let me know what I am doing incorrectly.

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Hello, Team

We are using FusionCharts for VB version 3.0.7.



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