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Real-time Data Format : Tooltip works with html ,but doesn't work with css.

I have currency and date(timestamp - millisecond) for my 'realtimearea' and I need to use currency as 'value', formatted timestamp as 'label' and value+label+someOtherData for 'tooltip'. someOtherData is not static, it changes for every label,value pair.

Here is my tooltip html as string : "<div><h6><b>"+value+"</b></h6><p style=\"color:blue;\">"+  someOtherData  +"</p></div>". 

    category = [{

      "label" : label



    data = [{

      "value" : value

      "tooltext" :"<div><h6><b>"+value+"</b></h6><p style=\"color:blue;\">"+  someOtherData  +"</p></div>"



This works when chart is rendered first.

But when I tried to update the chart with the same values, style=\"color:blue;\" or font attributes is not working and someOtherData is disappearing : 

var data =

      "&label=" + label

    + "&value=" + value

    + "&toolText=" + :"<div><h6><b>"+value+"</b></h6><p style=\"color:blue;\">"+  someOtherData  +"</p></div>"; ////NOT WORKING ->style=\"color:blue;\"


I can't use platToolText, because $someOtherData can't be reached  in string like "<div><h6><b>$value</b></h6><p style=\"color:blue;\">$someOtherData</p></div>" .

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