You can create unlimited levels of drill-down charts with a single data source. The links originate from a parent chart whose data encompasses the data for all the descendant (child, grand-child) charts.

You can drill-down into the descendant chart when you click on the data plot items (column, pie slice, and so on) of the parent chart. The descendant charts can be configured to either replace the parent chart with an option to drill-up or to open in a new dialog or frame.

To create linked charts, follow the steps below:

  1. Create the XML/JSON data for the parent chart. This is called the parent data source and would contain Data String or Data URL for all the descendant charts.
  2. Append the Data String or Data URL for all the descendant charts within the parent data source. In the Data String method, the data for each descendant chart is embedded within the parent data source and linked using unique data identifiers. 

The linked chart feature caters to the following:

  • It lets you create a child chart and render details only if you click on the parent chart.
  • All chart configuration settings from the parent chart are cloned to the linked chart.
  • It lets you configure specific properties for the descendant chart using configureLink() method.
  • It notifies your code by the JavaScript events when a link is invoked, opened or closed.
  • It lets you drill down into all the levels.

Refer to the article, drill down charts for a detailed description.

Refer to page for more information on configureLink() method.