Real-time charts, also known as data streaming charts, are charts that automatically update themselves after every n seconds, without any page refreshes, by getting new data from the server.

Real-time charts are included in the FusionWidgets XT package of FusionCharts Suite XT and currently offers the following six real-time charts:

  • Real-time Area

  • Real-time Column

  • Real-time Line

  • Real-time Stacked Area

  • Real-time Stacked Column

  • Real-time Line (Dual Y)

Charts used in live stock monitoring are real-time charts. These charts first present the historical data for a given period of time. When new data is available, the charts update automatically and display the new data after discarding the previous value.

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Features Supported by Real-time Charts

Real-time charts support the following features:

There! You have now been introduced to the basics and features of real-time charts.