Annotations are graphical elements that can be created and positioned anywhere on a chart or a gauge. They can be configured and customized in many ways enabling you to visualize your charts/gauges in creative ways.

Annotations can be:

  • shapes such as lines, circles, rectangles, polygons, and paths created using JSON/XML
  • external images
  • labels or paragraphs of texts

FusionCharts Suite XT lets you:

  • configure the cosmetics of annotations such as fill and border color, opacity, border thickness, and so on
  • position the annotations anywhere on a chart/gauge and also position them relative to other elements on a chart/gauge such as the legend, data plots, and so on
  • create and control the annotations dynamically using JavaScript API methods
  • interact with annotations using events

Note: Annotations are not supported in FusionMaps XT.

For a detailed explanation with samples, refer to our documentation pagesĀ here.