Evaluation Version of FusionCharts are watermarked and if you want to use them in your production application you will need to get a Commercial License. 

Once you have bought the license, you can get the licensed package from the Product Update Centre (PUC). 

To upgrade, please follow the step by step instructions:

  1. Replace the JavaScript files from the evaluation version, with the ones you received during purchase (can be found in the js folder of your download).
  2. If you are using an older trial version of FusionCharts Suite XT (earlier than v3.4) the file names have changed. So, ensure that you have copied the following files from the js folder of your download:
  • fusioncharts.js
  • fusioncharts.charts.js
  • fusioncharts.widgets.js
  • fusioncharts.gantt.js
  • fusioncharts.powercharts.js
  • fusioncharts.maps.js     

The most important step is to clear your browser cache.  


With that you have upgraded to the commercial version of FusionCharts. You will not see any watermarks on the charts when used with your application.

If the watermark shows up for your licensed files, even after overwriting, check for these:

  1. Are you copying the correct JavaScript files and overwriting at the right location?
  2. Have you cleared your browser cache?

If none of the above guidelines helps, raise a New Ticket and our Customer Happiness Team will be glad to assist you.