FusionCharts Suite XT Version 3.6.0

Release Date: 14th January, 2015


  • Added support for self hosted export servers in Java.
  • Added Server Side Wrappers for PHP, ASP.NET, RoR.
  • Added support for long labels in radar charts.
  • Added support for realtime update of tooltip for realtime charts.
  • Added name attribute to all html input elements PowerCharts.
  • Zoomline chart now supports tooltip functionality 
  • Gantt chart now supports date Separator attribute.
  • Added support for display Value in Milestone of Gantt Chart


  • Logo/Images can now be exported while exporting a chart (experimental).
  • Captions now align with chart area in MultiAxisLine chart.
  • High-low values can now be toggled using showHighLowValue in Sparkline chart.
  • Crossline labels of Zoomline chart are now rendered using using anti-collision methods.
  • Plot click event now returns standard arguments.
  • Pointer shadow now present in Horizontal Linear gauge.
  • Fixed Axis name bg-color attribute.valuePosition attribute now works for line series of Pareto charts.
  • dataIndex argument is now present in slicingStart/slicingEnd event.
  • Plot labels in MultiLevelPie are now aligned vertically middle.
  • Value close to zero now appear in Scroll Stacked Column charts.
  • Fixed tooltip updation after drilling down to child chart in Chrome (Windows)
  • Removed export button in exported chart image in ASP.NET export server
  • In Angular Gauge, macros $chartCenterY, $gaugeCenterY now return correct values.
  • exportCallBack now works for charts exported and saved at server.
  • Fixed link function call in dragnode chart, when a node is dragged.
  • Legend Icon can now be configured for line chart when drawAnchors is 0.
  • Fixed Pipe Line(|) display on spark line chart when high and low values are not visible.

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Can you please provide me with a brief detail on how to use Pyramid or Gauge Chart in React Native. Like how I can implement it in my code.

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