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Bulb font size

I've done everything I can think off to change the size of the font inside the bulb.

Any idea's?

<chart caption='Lamination Queue' subcaption='1.5 hours' upperlimit='8' lowerlimit='0' captionpadding='30' showshadow='0' showvalue='1' usecolornameasvalue='1' placevaluesinside='1' valuefontsize='16' plottooltext='1.5 hours' theme='fint' >



<style myname='myCaptionFont' type='font' size='48'/>



<apply toObject='label' styles='myCaptionFont'/>




<color minvalue='6.1' maxvalue='8' label='high' code='#ff0000' />

<color minvalue='4.1' maxvalue='6' label='medium' code='#ff9900' />

<color minvalue='0' maxvalue='4' label='{br}testing{br}" & rsTotalTime.fields(0).value & "' code='#00ff00' />




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